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Banana bread *recipe*

This banana bread recipe is out of this world. Seriously, ah-ma-zing. Banana bread is one of those things that I will happily pay $4 for at a cafe because somehow it just always taste better than any banana bread I've every baked at home. And yes, I have tried numerous recipes. But why, is the question I kept asking myself. Why is it, that cafe banana bread tastes so much better than home-made? What is the secret ingredient they put in the banana bread to make it rise so high and make it so … [Read More...]


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In My Kitchen – August, September *lifestyle*

It's been a while since my last 'In My Kitchen' post but... the kitchen hasn't been all that quiet! I developed a bit of a love for Ben and Jerry's ice-cream (who doesn't), especially this chocolate chip cookie flavour. What is your favourite … [Read More...]



One Place: Three Photos – Kiama, Australia

A couple of weekends ago was a long one (we had the Monday off), a weekend to celebrate Canberra and it's 101 years of age. We decided to drive to Kiama as we have a couple of friends that live there that had only spoken beautifully of it. … [Read More...]

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Asparagus, saffron lasagne

Ah asparagus, another favourite in our kitchen! A couple of bunches of these funny looking spring vegetables were gifted to me by the Australian Asparagus Council. And I'm sad to say, they were pretty … [Read More...]


Strawberry jam *recipe*

I'm a huge fruit lover and eater but there is just something about summer fruits that makes me happy. Summer fruits means berries, peaches, apricots, grapes and so much deliciousness! I love eating … [Read More...]


Blood orange olive oil loaf cake

It was a long weekend in Canberra this past weekend and we enjoyed some R&R time at the South Coast. I can't wait to show you some photos (or you will have already been spammed if you follow me on … [Read More...]


Pesto alla genovese *recipe*

You've seen the leaves...you know what's coming....Pesto! A couple of months ago now I had coffee with the gorgeous Emiko - a very talented woman who is extremely talented in the kitchen (her … [Read More...]