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One Place: Three Photos – Floriade 2015, Canberra *lifestyle*

When Floriade hits town, you know summer is on it's way. It usually lasts around a month over September and October and it showcases over one million flowers! You can imagine what this means for Canberra, thousands and thousand of people come out of hibernation and almost like a mass pilgrimage, everyone flocks to Commonwealth Park to see....flowers. This year I was lucky enough to be invited to a Floriade early bird instameet, where I enjoyed a tour of Floriade with the head gardener … [Read More...]


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One + Four = Life #11 *lifestyle*

Another week, this one full of birthdays! My mum's on the 9th and Lory's on the 11th and it doesn't end there - my sister's, brother in law and dad's still to come! I'm glad mine comes first so people aren't over the celebrations :) How was your … [Read More...]



One Place: Three Photos – Kiama, Australia

A couple of weekends ago was a long one (we had the Monday off), a weekend to celebrate Canberra and it's 101 years of age. We decided to drive to Kiama as we have a couple of friends that live there that had only spoken beautifully of it. … [Read More...]

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Blood orange olive oil loaf cake

It was a long weekend in Canberra this past weekend and we enjoyed some R&R time at the South Coast. I can't wait to show you some photos (or you will have already been spammed if you follow me on … [Read More...]


Pesto alla genovese *recipe*

You've seen the leaves...you know what's coming....Pesto! A couple of months ago now I had coffee with the gorgeous Emiko - a very talented woman who is extremely talented in the kitchen (her … [Read More...]


Blood orange chia seed pudding

Holy gamoly, it's all happening in Canberra tonight...another leadership challenge! Ah politics..what a weird, nasty world.. I for one wouldn't want to be a politician! Anyways, if you are … [Read More...]


Una vacanza a Port Douglas

Avere la maggior parte della tua famiglia che vive a migliaia di kilometri da te non é proprio il massimo. Ma visto che questa é la realtà e per ora le cose non possono cambiare, bisogna vedere il il … [Read More...]