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Dear Tomas, Happy 1st birthday!

Dear Tomas, Happy Birthday. It's your first birthday today, you're a one year old, you've been around for 12 months and I just love you (and I know you love me too). Even though your parents have not had a full night's sleep since you were born (trust me, you'll never hear the end of it), you changed their lives and we couldn't be happier to have you in our lives. You are the happiest of happy childs. Whenever someone sees you they comment on how happy you are and what a … [Read More...]


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One + Four = Life #5 *lifestyle*

  1. Tomas turns one It is my nephew's first birthday this week so we decided to throw him a birthday party yesterday. I helped out with some of the catering and most impressive of all were our desserts. We made Tommy a number 1 cake from the … [Read More...]



One Place: Three Photos – Enlighten, Canberra

Enlighten - the light festival that brings Canberra together. This is one of my favourite events in the city I have called home for the past two years. Whoever told me Canberra was boring before I moved here had no idea what they were talking … [Read More...]

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Ricotta & pesto quiche

Happy Tuesday! It's is a truly miserable day in Canberra today - cold, windy and pouring down with rain. One of those days when the only thing you want to do is go home, snuggle on the couch, binge … [Read More...]

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One + Four = Life #4 *lifestyle

I think it's safe to say that it's been a hell of a week for everyone. So it's time for One + Four = Life - a reflection on the week that's been!  1. Sunset Yes, again! Just look at those colours! … [Read More...]


Strawberry and basil pie *recipe*

Hands up who has tried strawberries and basil together? Is that a surprised look I see? I guess it is pretty unusual to eat the two together but when you try this pie - you will forget about the … [Read More...]