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One + Four = Life #9 *lifestyle*

Sunday evening, roast cooking in the oven, candle burning, glass of red wine in one hand, computer in the other - it's time for One + Four = Life! One. Italian goodies A friend of ours delivered these delicious goodies to us last week and boy were we in heaven! We are lucky he is a restaurant distributor so we got the best quality produce and it made us realise how much we miss Italian food! Three big chunks of prosciutto (delicious when cut thick), an enormous slab of parmigiano reggiano … [Read More...]


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One + Four = Life #7 *lifestyle*

It's been another crazy week around here but I've enjoyed a really relaxing weekend which was much needed! I'm already looking forward to next weekend as it is a long one and my birthday as well. We'll be visiting Yarangobilly Caves and I can't wait … [Read More...]



One Place: Three Photos – Enlighten, Canberra

Enlighten - the light festival that brings Canberra together. This is one of my favourite events in the city I have called home for the past two years. Whoever told me Canberra was boring before I moved here had no idea what they were talking … [Read More...]

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With winter, comes the cold and with the cold - comes the need for heart-warming dishes. Porridge has to be the one when it comes to breakfasts (alright after pancakes). It also gets the thumbs up … [Read More...]

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One + Four = Life #8 *lifestyle*

It's been a short (thanks Queen for having a birthday) but hectic week, what with me starting a new job, it being my birthday and making the most of the cold but gorgeous weather on the weekend! How … [Read More...]


Nutella filled pancakes *recipe*

Umm, seriously - why the hell have I only just discovered these? What took me so long? Where have nutella filled pancakes been all my life? Please don't make me feel stupid, am I the only silly … [Read More...]