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Berry, quinoa, chia pudding pot *recipe*

This chia pudding pot was breakfast 1 of week 1 of the 8 week i quit sugar program - and it's that good I'm blogging about it already - on day 3 of the program. As mentioned when I posted my banana bread recipe - I'm in constant need of new brekkie recipes as it's oh so easy to fall back into the jam-packed-full-of-sugar cereal and milk routine (booooring!). Have you ever tried chia seed pudding? I admit, it is a pretty weird texture - all gooey and pretty tasteless, but it's incredible what … [Read More...]




One Place: Three Photos: Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin has to be one of my favourite spots in Canberra - yes it's a man made lake but it is surrounded by such pretty buildings and some gorgeous natural backdrops. A couple of months ago, Lory and I decided to hire a paddle boat and … [Read More...]

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Gluten free banana bread *recipe*

I'd been longing for a different breakfast for a while, as I was a bit bored of my usual weetabix and milk. So when a bunch of brown bananas were staring at me from the fruit bowl, I knew what I was … [Read More...]


Peanut Butter *recipe*

Anyone else glad it's Friday? I sure am! I think I made the right decision to return to work after holidaying for two weeks on a Thursday as I'm not sure I would have coped with a five day working … [Read More...]