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Two Thousand and Fifteen

Wow, here we are on the first day of 2016 and it only feels like yesterday that I was welcoming the new year at the beach! This Christmas and New Year have been quite different, after two years we thought it was time to spend the holidays in Italy and here we are, in cold and foggy Milan reunited with our families. Trust me, if only we could tele-transport all our family to Australia, we'd much rather be lying on the beach in the heat! 2015 has been an amazing year, I can never quite bring … [Read More...]




One Place: Three Photos – Kiama, Australia

A couple of weekends ago was a long one (we had the Monday off), a weekend to celebrate Canberra and it's 101 years of age. We decided to drive to Kiama as we have a couple of friends that live there that had only spoken beautifully of it. … [Read More...]

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S’mores brownies *recipe*

Woah! Almost a month with writing a post - what is going on! Well, it's been busy times in our household and the end of the year always means more catchups and events and less home cooking. Work has … [Read More...]


Banana bread *recipe*

This banana bread recipe is out of this world. Seriously, ah-ma-zing. Banana bread is one of those things that I will happily pay $4 for at a cafe because somehow it just always taste better than … [Read More...]


Asparagus, saffron lasagne

Ah asparagus, another favourite in our kitchen! A couple of bunches of these funny looking spring vegetables were gifted to me by the Australian Asparagus Council. And I'm sad to say, they were pretty … [Read More...]


Strawberry jam *recipe*

I'm a huge fruit lover and eater but there is just something about summer fruits that makes me happy. Summer fruits means berries, peaches, apricots, grapes and so much deliciousness! I love eating … [Read More...]