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One + Four = Life #3 *lifestyle*

We're back from a gorgeous weekend in Orange and it's time for One + Four  = Life - week number 2. Between all the delicious wine, scrumptious food and amazing scenery I think we need another two days to detox but unfortunately, it's back to work tomorrow. Did you have a good weekend? Did you attend a Anzac Day service? I heard Canberra attracted 120,000 people for the Dawn Service at the War Memorial, it would have been great to attend but probably way too crowded for my likings! 1. … [Read More...]


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One + Four = Life #2 *lifestyle*

It's time for one + four = life number 2. Enjoy! If you would like to join in, head to Pip's blog to see what it's all about! 1. The Fix Cold Pressed Juice dispensary. This is epic, amazing, innovative, bloody fantastic! It's the first cold … [Read More...]



One Place: Three Photos – Enlighten, Canberra

Enlighten - the light festival that brings Canberra together. This is one of my favourite events in the city I have called home for the past two years. Whoever told me Canberra was boring before I moved here had no idea what they were talking … [Read More...]

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Low sugar lifestyle program

I've decided to do it again. A 28 day low sugar program with "My family wellness". There have been way too many ice-creams and salted caramel brownies lately - I need something to get me back on … [Read More...]


One + Four = Life #1 *lifestyle*

Whilst smooching around on Clare's blog, I came across this post (One + Four = Life) which lead me to Pip's blog and her newly created weekly linkup called One + Four = Life. The idea is simple, … [Read More...]