In My Kitchen – November 2013

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I am posting the In My Kitchen post a bit late this month – and in all honesty the only reason is because I genuinely forgot. It’s been a bit of a busy month and all in all it worked out well to wait because I picked up so many things last week on my trip to India that I would have had to write a second post to show you everything :) So..whats happening in Love at Every Bite’s Kitchen (or house) this month? Please head over to Celia’s blog to check out all the other peoples kitchens :)

My first home grown tomatoes are starting to appear!


I picked up these gorgeous vases at the Wishing Chair in India. They will definitely help Lorenzo when I tell him to go out and pick me some herbs seeing as he gets confused about which is which!


My spring onions are also starting to show!


I picked up these cute decorative plants and pots to sit in from India.


How cool are these coasters? All original keys from India!


I fell in love with this shop in India, owned by a Tibetan woman who sold all these copper antiques..I could not leave empty handed so decided to pick up this bowl for my blog.


Another food blog cutie – a small blackboard for me to write recipe names on when I photograph them.


We went for dinner to Indian Accent – one of the best restaurants in Delhi for Indian-fusion food. This sorbet came out between the entrees and mains . Isn’t the pot they served it in so cute?


Whilst in Delhi, I took a cooking class with an authentic indian woman and learnt so many things..this was the desser we prepared..but you’ll have to wait for a full post to find out all the yummy other things we cooked :)


Another of my Delhi bring homes…Are they not just gorgeous?


Back to Australia now… As soon as I got back I picked up my favourite 4 magazines for December…can’t wait to read all of them!


A present from my grandmother…they are tea towels!


My new juicer!


Yummyness double brie cheese…had been wanting to try king island for a while!


Could not miss out on such a good deal at the duty free…who knows..I might use some of them for my cooking!


And finally, I picked up some coconut oil for the first time! I’m curious to see how it will work with my cooking!



3 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – November 2013

  1. Hi Giulia, it looks like a month of cuteness in your kitchen. The blackboard, watering cans and that sorbet tin are adorable. How was the excess baggage on the way home, looks like you did some great shopping.

  2. What a wonderful trip, and so many treasures that you’ve brought home! I especially love the key coasters and the herb pots!

    (PS. Just to let you know, next month I’m going to ask folks to post their IMK posts by the 10th. Hope that’s ok, it’s just to help me manage my time a bit, the gathering is growing so large it’s getting to be a bit of work! :) )

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