Sunday Wrap

So did you have a good weekend? I’ve had a busy and wine expo in Canberra yesterday, some furniture shopping with the sister, a coffee date with a friend a 5k colour run and sausage making! I wish had an extra day to relax..instead alarm is set tomorrow for 5.45am – up and ready for the gym!

So whats been happening on Love at Every Bite?

No bake peanut butter and oat cookies!


These are the icecream cupcake cones that I made for Canberra Cake Club’s first cake up!IMG_0276

The usual post showing you what is in my NEW kitchen this month!


An asian recipe – cashew chicken


My homemade Apple Vinegar


And whats on the plan for next week?

Weekly Menu

Monday – Pizza

Tuesday – Prawn and Zucchini Skewers

Wednesday – Spanakopita

Thursday –  Grilled Honey Lime Chicken

Friday – Salad and Eggs

Saturday – Strudel

Homemade of the week – dulche de leche